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Preparing for OSCEs

oscepractical assessmentrevisionvideo demonstration

Osteoarthritis management in an
onychectomised African serval


The RVNs role in reducing the risk of packed RBC transfusion reactions in dogs

blood transfusioncross-matchingerythrocytepacked red blood cellsstorage lesiontransfusion medicine

Long term nursing care of the equine patient in a sling


Council results September 2022

council members 2022

Management of forelimb wounds in a juvenile captive capybara


Recognition, diagnosis and care of the diabetic ketoacidosis patient

diabetes mellitusdiabetic ketoacidosisdiagnosisnursing care

Barriers affecting BAME students’ access and attainment in veterinary higher education
Part 2 – The barriers and solutions

anti-racismattainmentBAMEblack lives matterdiversityveterinary education

Mental health first aid at work

anxietymental healthmental health first aidstress

Life-stage nutrition for dogs and cats

caninecompanion animal nutritiondietary requirementsfelinelife stage

Improving the welfare of both wildlife and domestic cats

domestic catspredationresponsible pet ownershipwildlifewildlife casualtieswildlife friendly

BVNA Council update

diversityinclusivityrole modelswidening participation

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