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June 2024 VNJ

Where could your career take you?


Nursing care of a dog with tetanus: A case study

case studydogtetanus

Radiography of the pelvis in the standing horses: What is achievable in practice?


Nursing care of the equine proliferative enteropathy patient – a case study

diarrhoeaEPEequinefoalLawsonia intracellularisnursing careproliferative enteropathypyrexia

Nursing care of the recumbent neonatal foal

equieneonatal foalnursing carerecumbency

A chat about cat litter

aversioncat litterfelineinappropriate urinationsubstrate

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February 2024 VNJ

Checking in to an ice hotel A VN’s guide to egg freezing

egg freezingfertilitystaff support

Perioperative patient nutrition literature review

anaesthetichealingnutritionrefluxstarvation periodsurgeryvomiting

The impact of ‘sleeping night shifts’ on veterinary clinical staff’s cognitive performance and fine motor skills

healthnight shiftout of hourssafetystaffveterinarywellbeingworkplace

Nursing care of the recumbent canine patient after ventral slot surgery

canineintervertebral discIVDnursingrecumbentventral slot

Things I wish I’d known before training to be a veterinary nurse

Studentstudent adviceVN training

Autism in veterinary practice


Your trauma does not define you