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Things I wish I’d known before training to be a veterinary nurse

Studentstudent adviceVN training

Autism in veterinary practice


February 2024 VNJ

Your trauma does not define you


The truth about being a new graduate in practice

new graduate

Standardising cardio pulmonary resuscitation in practice

cardiopulmonary resuscitationcprprotocolsstandardisationtraining

Pet blood donation: Does increased awareness of pet blood banks influence public opinion on pet blood donation?

blooddonationdonorPBBUKpet blood banktransfusion

A guide to interpreting blood panels Part 1 Haematology


A guide to diagnostic testing

blood smearblood testinginfection controlmicroscopepacked cell volumespecific gravityurinalysisurine testing

Potential barriers to the treatment and management of feline behaviour problems, particularly cognitive dysfunction syndrome, in ageing domestic cats

agebehaviourcatsCDScognitive dysfunction syndromefelineold

Factors affecting owner awareness of osteoarthritis in cats, and its influence on veterinary practice attendance


December 2023 VNJ

Understanding diabetic ketoacidosis

blood glucosediabetes mellitusdiabetic ketoacidosisintravenous fluid therapyketones

Radioactive iodine as a treatment for feline hyperthyroidism Part 2 The Treatment Process

1-131feline hyperthyroidismradiation safetyradioactive iodine

Radioactive iodine as a treatment for feline hyperthyroidism Part 1 An introduction to radiation and iodine-131

1-131feline hyperthyroidismradiation safetyradioactive iodine

Diabetes mellitus in cats and dogs

diabetes ketoacidosisdiabetes mellitusinsulinweight management