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How to use capnography as part of environmentally sustainable anaesthesia efforts

anaesthesiacapnogramcapnographyfresh gas flowsustainable

How to save a life in an hour

blood transfusionsave a life

Nursing care of feline cardiomyopathy: A patient care assessment

cardiologycardiomyopathyfelineheart diseasenursing

The nursing care implications for the critical myiasis rabbit – focused on pain management and fluid therapy

criticalemergencyintravenous fluid therapymyasispain managementrabbit

Constructive dismissal


Brachycephalic caesarean nursing care Part 2 Perioperative care


The equine nurse’s guide to colic surgery

colicequinehorsesurgeryveterinary nursing

The efficacy of veterinary nurse-led clinics in managing canine obesity

canine obesityefficacynurse led clinicsquality of life

Sustainability in the veterinary practice

eco-friendlysustainabilityveterinary practice

Career Chat: an interview on career diversification

career pathinterview

Airway management in small animal anaesthesia

airway managementanaesthesiaintubationlaryngoscope

August 2023 VNJ

Wellbeing chat

gardeninghorticultural therapywellbeing

Triage of injured coastal and marine wildlife


Ticks and an introduction to canine babesiosis


Nursing the feline flea-anaemic patient

anaemiafleanursing care