Author: April Murphy RVN, ISFMCertFN

April is an RVN and has completed her International Society of Feline Medicine certificate in feline nursing. She works at the London Cat Clinic and is passionate about feline care and nursing, as well as surgery and anaesthesia. She hopes to encourage veterinary nurses, students and veterinary care assistants to have a voice and feel valued in their roles. April has a 12-year-old cat called Toffee, who is very precious.

ABSTRACT Diabetes mellitus is a common medical disorder that can be caused by a relative lack of insulin in the body, or the body’s cells being resistant to insulin. Owners of diabetic pets often need help during the stabilisation period of their pet and while implementing the lifestyle changes required to manage the condition. Veterinary nurses are integral to helping owners create a home care plan to ensure that their pet has a good quality of life.
Keywords Diabetes mellitus, insulin, diabetic ketoacidosis, weight management

DOI: 10.56496/RGWF9084

To cite this article: Murphy, A. (2023) Diabetes mellitus in cats and dogs. VNJ 38(5) pp52-58

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