It really couldn’t be a more exciting time to be representing our profession. BVNA is stronger than ever, and we are so actively involved in ensuring the Veterinary Nurses voice is heard.

I have been on council since 2017, and I am currently BVNA President. It’s been an unusual time on council so far, I haven’t actually physically met our new council members – but we will be able to soon. Although that has not stopped any of our activities. I have learnt so much about the development of our profession. My skills outside of clinical practice have grown and evolved, I never would have thought 4 years ago, that I would be writing articles/blogs and public speaking; but I have found it is something I really enjoy. As well as meeting and being inspired by some fantastic Veterinary Nurses along the way.

Here are a few of the things we have been involved with, so far, this BVNA year:

  • VNFutures (BVNA chairing the board)
  • Legislation Working Party Consultation – a once in a career opportunity!
  • Working with Vet Sustain
  • The Links Group
  • Working closely with BVA
  • Diversity and Inclusivity Group

BVNA has really invested in the council members.

Are you passionate about your profession?

“You should apply for BVNA Council if you are passionate about our profession.

We are so fortunate to be able to be involved at a time where we are pushing for change, and change is happening.

Now is the time to get involved to shape the profession into the sustainable and recognised profession we want it to be.

You will learn so many new skills that will help you in your job as an RVN, as well as growing your confidence in numerous areas.

You do not need to have experience, support is given.

You get out of BVNA council what you put in-to it. So, come and be involved!”

It’s Election Time Again……… Nominate Someone Today!

Council Nominations for 2021-2022

The British Veterinary Nursing Association is calling on all full (RVN) and student members to stand for election onto BVNA Council. We have 3 full council and 2 student places available.

Important attributes for candidates are a strong commitment to promoting the ideals of the BVNA as well as the veterinary nursing profession in general and a willingness to devote time and effort to representing their fellow members.

It is important to realise that Council members can come from all aspects of our profession, from clinical practice, industry, research, corporate, charity. The wider range of council members we have the wider range of our profession is represented.

All you need is passion and commitment.  Why not join us in shaping the future of our profession?

Join BVNA today to nominate or be nominated! JOIN HERE.

BVNA members, please click here for more details and nomination forms.