Join us for the second of our series of #VNAM2022 webinars, as the panel share background information on their career choices. 

Being an SVN can be a daunting time for anyone – it can feel as though everyone around you knows more than you, has it all together and knows exactly where they are going in their career. You may feel you’re constantly juggling studying, work, finances – plus self-care and your life outside veterinary nursing. You may envy the RVN you know who has more post-nominals than you can count. Perhaps you’re considering a career change into veterinary nursing – but feel the ‘imposter syndrome’ creeping in because you’re entering the profession later on in your career.

BUT underneath the seemingly successful and experienced RVN, there will have inevitably been struggles and failures along the way. This session aims to share the often-not-straightforward career journeys of some familiar faces, where they answer the question “What would you say to your younger, student-self?”

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