Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month, or VNAM for short, was originally started by BVNA in 2005 as National VN Day campaign, and now, since 2012, the campaign takes place throughout the month of May every year. The purpose of VNAM is to spread the word to the veterinary profession and pet owners, about the importance of the role of the veterinary nurse in practice, and the provision of responsible pet care to the general public.

Each year, we see an increase of veterinary nurses getting involved and promoting the role of the veterinary nurse. VNAM has been different recently, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, but it hasn’t stopped the community of veterinary nurses coming out and joining in the campaign!

The theme for VNAM 2022 is #OurProfessionMyResilience.

There are two competitions that you can take part in:

Competition A* | Together with your practice team, create a short video about the tasks and activities your VNs do everyday in practice, and share it on your waiting room TV and social media channels during VNAM, and we’ll share it too!

Competition B* | How will your practice raise awareness about VNAM and what veterinary nurses do? Together with your practice team, create a VNAM campaign. This can include using traditional media – organising in person events; contacting local tv, radio or newspapers; and creating window displays or posters; and/or digital media – videos and webinars; email, social media or web content. Send us the details of your VNAM campaign to enter into the competition.

Send your practice videos to us at, or via We Transfer, so we can also share them during VNAM.

We have asked our BVNA Council Members and Regional Representatives to send us a photo of them at work wearing their BVNA badge, but also participating in activities outside of work. This helps us to show each other what activities we can do to build up our own resilience and move forward after recent challenges. We would love other veterinary nurses to share these photos too, so please email them over to if you are interested and we will get them posted on our social media channels!

Webinars during VNAM

ISFM & BVNA Nurse Webinar (Free Access): Speak up for cats!

Speaker: Jane Clements

Join ISFM, BVNA and Jane Clements for a FREE webinar for veterinary nurses to help you be a better advocate for your feline patients.

Jane Clements will present on how nurses can speak up for cats including how to bring about a positive change for cats, how to deal with situations that cause moral distress and ways you can positively lead human behaviour change in others.

This will be followed by a Q&A/Panel Discussion where Jane will be joined by BVNA President Alex Taylor, as well as Sarah Collins and Nathalie Dowgray from ISFM.

Thursday 19th May 2022, 7.30pm (GMT)

Register here.

Download our VNAM Assets here.

*Terms and conditions apply for the sharing of images and video clip content: It is the responsibility of the person sharing the content with BVNA to have sought all necessary copyright or permissions if required. All images and video clips will be used by BVNA for promotional purposes.