Author Frank Ruedisueli BSc(Hons) MSc PGCHE FHEA

ABSTRACT Ticks are arthropods that are closely related to mites. They are blood-feeding ectoparasites and will feed on a wide variety of host animals. Due to their ability to transmit disease, they are considered to be of significant medical and veterinary importance. One of the diseases that has recently been introduced to the UK is canine babesiosis, caused by the pathogen Babesia spp., which is carried by ticks found in mainland Europe, namely Dermacentor spp. As this is not yet an established disease in the UK, it is important to be able to identify the disease and its clinical signs to ensure a holistic approach to nursing care.
Keywords ticks, babesiosis, ectoparasites

To cite this article: Ruedisueli, F. (2023) Ticks and an introduction to canine babesiosis. VNJ 38 (2) pp49-52

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