I have been in the profession for 22 years. Since 2009, I’ve specialised in avian and wildlife medicine and love it, I can’t imagine doing anything else!

My career path has given me some unique opportunities working with various species and projects around the world. These include:

  • Animals Asia Foundation: China & Vietnam Bear Rescue Centres, as a 3-month volunteer placement.
  • Dubai Falcon Hospital: where my love of avian and zoo medicine path began and stayed for 9 years. We also assisted the Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project; caring for Hawksbills and Green turtles, seeing them being released back to the wild is magical.
  • Mongolian Artificial Nest Project: I was lucky to assist with fieldwork collecting data on Saker falcon population and threats.
  • 2018 saw me setting off further afield for 3 years to New Zealand and Wellington Zoos ‘The Nest Te Kōhanga’; looking after the zoo collection and native wildlife rehabilitation which was amazing. During this time, I joined the Auckland Zoo team to help with the Kakapo aspergillosis crisis which was sad but a unique experience to work with such an amazing species.
  • On the same thread, I volunteered with Dunedin Wildlife Hospital to get some big penguin experience, treating Yellow-eyed penguins, and was lucky to have 3 go back out to the wild during my week visit.

These days you can find me UK based caring for Blackpool Zoo’s collection. You are always learning and evolving in zoo medicine. How many veterinary nurses can say they’ve placed an IVC in an Aardvark’s marginal ear vein?