Have you ever grumbled about a decision made by the RCVS VN Council? Go on, admit it!

You could carry on grumbling, of course, or, if you prefer to take a more active role in the future of your profession, now’s your chance. The nominations for the 2012 VN Council elections are open and any listed or registered veterinary nurse is eligible to stand.

There are eight elected veterinary nurses on VN Council (see panel for full composition). Their contribution is vital to the governance of the profession, and in steering activities such as the regulation of veterinary nurse training, education and professional conduct.

The profession has just celebrated its first 50 years, but there is no resting on laurels at Belgravia House. The continuing push for statutory regulation of veterinary nursing as a profession in its own right, the introduction of the new Code of Professional Conduct for Veterinary Nurses and a review of post-qualification awards are just three of the activities to be considered by VN Council in 2012.

VN Council meets three times a year to steer the profession

Two seats on VN Council are due to be filled in the 2012 elections. Those elected will take their seats on RCVS Day in July, to serve four-year terms, and will be expected to spend at least six to eight days a year attending VN Council meetings, working parties and subcommittees (a loss- of-earnings allowance is available, as well as travel expenses).

All prospective candidates need to provide the signatures and registered/ listed addresses of two proposers, and should also submit a short biography, manifesto and photograph for inclusion in the RCVS News Extra election specials. Nobody may nominate more than one candidate, and no current member of the VN Council may make a nomination.

Nominations must be made in writing on the prescribed form and received on or before the closing date of 31st January 2012. Full details and guidance notes are available on the RCVS website at www.rcvs.org.uk/vncouncil2012. Nomination forms and candidate information may be requested from Mrs Annette Amato, 0207 202 0713 or a.amato@rcvs.org.uk 

Liz Branscombe chairing a recent VN Coucil meeting

Composition of VN Council

   Eight elected veterinary nurses

   Three RCVS Council members

   Three appointed veterinary surgeons

   A Lantra Industry Group representative

   Two lay people

   Observers (non-voting) from BVNA and BSAVA.

Veterinary Nursing Journal• VOL 27 • January 2012 •