As the largest breeder of assistance dogs in the UK, Guide Dogs' priority is to ensure that the health, welfare, quality of life and performance of all dogs within its programme are second to none. This includes all breeding stock (stud dogs and brood bitches) as well as its puppies, working guide dogs and retired guide dogs.

   identify optimal methods of rearing puppies to maximise their potential; and

   developing assessment techniques that allow for the early identification of puppies unlikely to succeed in the demanding conditions of guiding in today’s environment.

The research is also of value to the wider dog population and those people who are responsible for its care. So during 2010, the

Veterinary Nursing Journal will be publishing results from a number of Guide Dogs studies, which we hope veterinary nurses everywhere will find of interest.

For a copy of the Guide Dogs Science Update 2009, contact and to find out more about the work of Guide Dogs, visit, call 0118 983 5555 or e-mail


Helen Perryman BSc(Hons) MSC

• VOL 25 • No3 • March 2010 • Veterinary Nursing Journal