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Welcome to the October issue of the VNJ. As I am sure you are aware, October is an incredibly busy month for the BVNA team because this is when we host our annual BVNA Congress! If you are coming along to the congress, please do pop over and say hi.

I am looking forward to meeting our members, hearing your thoughts about the congress, sharing ideas regarding CPD and discussing potential articles for upcoming issues of the VNJ. This year’s congress will introduce the first BVNA Fringe which will feature content that may be considered edgy, controversial and challenging.

The BVNA Fringe was the brain child of our Strategic Director, Robin Millar who has also written an article for this month’s issue. In his article, Robin discusses ‘getting the right people on the bus’. Randomly, I received a miniature London bus replica in the post when I ordered an online product so I ‘pimped up’ the bus to turn it into the BVNA bus that Robin frequently talks about. There’s a photograph of the bus in Robin’s article. Joking aside, Robin is doing a very good job driving the bus with council members as the conductors!

October’s issue also sees the start of a series of articles written by Helen Ballantyne on One Health. The One Health approach is a collaborative effort from multidisciplinary teams sharing expertise, research outcomes, drawing up policies and implementing programmes to benefit human and animal and environmental health across the globe. I do love a good list to work through and the use of checklists is first on the agenda for Helen who is a registered human nurse and registered veterinary nurse. Helen shares her experience and expertise from working in the field of human medicine to inform us on what makes a good checklist.

There’s a literature review on factors affecting recovery rates after routine rabbit surgery by Amber Foote and Paula Bagshaw- Wright’s article will help you to get to grips with or refresh your memory on the common capnography waveforms. October’s issue also features a webinar review. Jo Hinde has kindly provided a webinar review of “Pain Relief for Exotics Truth and Lies" by Molly Varga. Molly’s webinar is currently on the VN Knowledge section of the BVNA website.


Stacey Blease BVSc MVetSci PhD MRCVS

VOL 33 • October 2018 • Veterinary Nursing Journal