Dear Reader

I am sat here writing this after Storm Angus and feeling a little ruffled by it all. This is my first ‘Dear Reader’ in my role as VNJ Executive Editor. It’s been an interesting few months since I joined council. By the time you read this I will have attended 3 meetings and I’m sure a lot will have been discussed. I am so excited to be in this role and representing nurses on the Council. Its continuing to be a period of change for RVNs and this continues to be exciting.

One of my missions for the year is to get more of you writing for us. Council was a major first for me and the satisfaction you get from doing something new and challenging can be phenomenal.

It seems scary and something that is possibly out of your comfort zone but you will feel so good once you have done it. Definitely one on the career to do list for me! Remember whilst its fantastic we have so many clinical articles you may have experienced something non-clinical that has taught you a lot. This can be a great starting point for a really interesting piece to read. Take a look online for support writing your first article. Good luck and I look forward to reading them!


Samantha Thompson RVN Grad Dip VN, Cert VN ECC DET Executive Editor

VOL 32 • February 2017 • Veterinary Nursing Journal