Dear Reader

Welcome to your final edition of 2016!

Traditionally as another year comes around we reflect on the one just passed and institute some new rule to improve the next. The New Year’s resolution starts our year with hope and so often ends January with disappointment. This year let me suggest you cast aside the resolution, and begin the year with a reflection and a rest—repose.

Please indulge me as I do just that, as this will be my final edition as Executive Editor. At the 2016 AGM I was appointed to a new role on the Council, so the Journal can look forward to some fresh faces. During my two-year tenure with the Journal, the two things I am most proud of helping to bring to life are our peer review process and our multiple-choice questions.

Of these, you will recognise the questions, as you see them month after month. I hope that you are taking advantage of the opportunity to log this reading and review in your PDR, and I thank all the authors who have helped us make it a reality. Though you may not be aware of it, all of our articles are now reviewed in a double-blind peer review system, and my role in that was creating a well-populated group of reviewers and contributors in our Editorial Board. These people have been working behind the scenes with our Editor-in- Chief, Sam McMillan, to ensure the quality of the copy you read.

A very big thank you to all those people for their time, a precious commodity!

So while I am moving on to another BVNA role, which is sure to be just as busy as Executive Editor was, I thank you for your support in our Journal, and for indulging my reflections. Sometimes we simply need to focus on what we’ve already achieved and not worry too much about resolving anew. A rest—perhaps that can be your resolution.


Megan Whitehead MSc RVT/RVN Executive Editor

DOI: 10.1080/17415349.2016.1243612

VOL 31 • December 2016 • Veterinary Nursing Journal