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Managing poor performance by Carolyne Crowe


Angular and flexural limb deformities in foals and yearlings Part 1: Angular limb deformities by Prof Tim Greet


Science in Shorts

Social Media and “Digital Death“ by Nicky Ackerley


Editorial by Helen Ballantyne

dear readereditorial

The diagnosis and management of pneumothorax by Eimear Shorten and Elizabeth M. Welsh


Part of the furniture– Part 1. The contribution of pioneering anaesthetist Henry Edmund Gaskin Boyle 1875–1941 by John Bowden and Sally Bowden


Science in shorts

researchscience in shorts

The veterinary nurse’s role in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of equine gastric ulcers by Catherine Lane


Evidence-based veterinary medicine: Should we be polishing teeth? by Sandra Fletcher


Welcome Page for May 2022

Puzzle page

Barriers affecting BAME students access and attainment in veterinary higher education Part 1

Nursing the canine patient with negative pressure pulmonary oedema

Triage and first aid for wild hedgehog casualties

The Thrombocytopenic patient

haemostasisimmune-mediated thrombocytopeniaimtpplatelets