What is Research Bites?

Research Bites provides an opportunity for those who have undertaken research relevant to the veterinary nursing profession to showcase their findings in the form of posters and optional short oral presentations. It is usually held during BVNA Congress, however due to its cancellation in 2020, this year Research Bites will be going virtual!

The event is designed to provide a friendly and constructive platform for veterinary nurses and students with little experience of publishing their work and/or public speaking. It is a fantastic opportunity to develop writing and presenting skills, whilst discussing and sharing best nursing practice, and increasing the evidence base available to the profession.

While we continue to accept submissions, we are still finalising the finer details of the Virtual Research Bites event – further information will be available to candidates as soon as possible.

New categories for 2020

Research Bites has been growing in popularity each year, and as a result we are now inviting submissions in three different categories:

   Research projects (e.g. undergraduate or postgraduate dissertation)

   Student veterinary nurse case reflection

   Registered veterinary nurse case reflection.

This exciting new development means even more veterinary nurses and students can get involved in the Research Bites event. Whether you are in the process of completing a dissertation, or have worked with an interesting case in practice – wed like to hear from you!

Is Research Bites for me?

   Would you like to improve your writing and presenting skills?

   Have you wondered how to progress to speaking at a future BVNA Congress, or delivering informational webinars?

   Have you recently undertaken data collection for a research project?

   Have you encountered an interesting case in practice?

   Would you like to share the results of your study or your experience of a case with BVNA members and readers of the VNJ?

What's new for virtual Research Bites?

As with the face-to-face event, all successful applicants will still be required to produce a poster which presents their research or case study, which will be “on display” online. However, to replace the presentation delivered in person during BVNA Congress, candidates will now have the option to pre-record a short webinar-style presentation instead. This therefore provides candidates with yet another opportunity to expand on their skill set, whilst still creating a fantastic resource to be able to spread knowledge amongst the veterinary nursing community.

Why take part?

Submitting an abstract and providing a summary of your research or case reflection in the form of a poster and/or oral presentation will help to further enhance your writing and presentation skills. Being shortlisted to present your work is also a great addition to your CV! Prizes are awarded for Best Poster and Best Presentation – so if you'd prefer not to deliver a verbal presentation, you can still opt to submit your work as a poster only.

We understand that especially for those who are new to writing or presenting, this can all feel like a daunting process. To put you at ease and to help prepare you for what will be expected, BVNA mentors can be available as you prepare your poster and/or presentation if you would like assistance.

We are passionate about this competition as we feel that supporting and sharing research and nursing practices are great ways to further education relating to animal welfare, both within the profession and wider industry. It is always fascinating to hear the research that is ongoing amongst the profession, and past topics have included factors affecting owner selection of brachycephalic breeds, retention of RVNs within the profession, and supporting clients with canines suffering from diabetes mellitus. We hope that the future inclusion of case reflections will provide an even greater opportunity for veterinary nurses to share and discuss their experiences in practice.

How do I get involved?

Please note – due to moving the event online, some of this information has changed and will continue to be updated as we finalise details of BVNAs online event.

1.   Submit a brief abstract/summary on your research project or case reflection via BVNA’s Research Bites submission area (please refer to BVNAs Guidelines on Writing an Abstract for further instructions). This deadline has been extended to Friday 10th July 2020.

2.   Your abstract will be peer-reviewed. Following acceptance by reviewers, research projects and case reflections will be shortlisted for presentation during the Virtual Research Bites event.

3.   If your submission is shortlisted, you will be invited to attend the Virtual Research Bites event (date to be confirmed), and asked if you would like to deliver a prerecorded webinar presentation alongside your poster. The date of notification of this decision has been extended to Friday 7th August 2020. Your abstract will also be published in the VNJ.

4.   If selected for presentation, you will be required to submit a PDF file of your poster, and a recorded presentation (if applicable). This deadline has been extended to Friday 18th September 2020. Please refer to BVNA’s Guidelines on Producing a Poster and Presentation for further details, though our friendly team are on hand to help if you require any additional guidance.

5.   Further details of the date/time of the Virtual Research Bites event will be released in due course as we finalise arrangements, and you will be notified of when/how you will be able to see your poster “on display.” While presentations will be pre-recorded, all candidates will be invited to attend the Virtual Research Bites event live to take part in a Q&A session.

Additional information will be available in due course, however if you should have any queries in the meantime, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Please contact Charlotte Bullard (BVNA Education Manager) at charlotte@bvna. co.uk.

VOL 35 • June 2020 • Veterinary Nursing Journal