Once you have received your registerable qualification and have completed the required training and placement hours, you will be eligible to register as a newly-qualified veterinary nurse.

You must also make a disclosure of matter relevant to good character.

Registration forms are sent directly to students and should be submitted to the RCVS with the appropriate registration fee.

Once your registration application has been processed, you will receive your Certificate of Registration and your Veterinary Nurse Badge.

It will then be your responsibility to ensure that your entry on the Register of Veterinary Nurses is kept up-to-date by informing the RCVS immediately of any change of name, address, or employment.

There is a registration fee when you first apply and then each year you must sign a declaration and pay a retention fee to remain on the register.  To remain on the register, you must also complete 15 hours of continuing professional development (CPD) each year.

You cannot practice as a veterinary nurse if you are not on the register.

To check the RCVS registration please visit https://findavet.rcvs.org.uk/find-a-vet-nurse/