This is a joint initiative between the BVNA and the RCVS which was set up in 2016. The BVNA President and Junior Vice-President sit on the Board along with two members of RCVS VN Council. To maintain consistency, the board members are joined by our Editor of the VNJ, Nikki Ruedisueli , RCVS Head of the VN Department, Julie Dugmore and Jill MacDonald as project manager.

VN Futures came about from a need for us to ‘Take charge of our future together’ and to work collaboratively to have a bigger impact through lobbying. Visit the VNF website for all the up to date news on what has been achieved so far

The project has six aims:

  1. Creating a sustainable workforce
    • To encourage diversity within the profession; role model stories have been shared to inspire others to join the profession.
    • The BVNA responded to feedback from their survey on Chronic health and the VN profession and developed a toolkit with helpful resources to help those managing chronic illnesses.
  2. Structure and rewarding career paths
    • The RCVS have developed a delegation course which is presented to VN Schools. The VN Council are reviewing and developing case studies to share and inform VSs and VNs on delegating tasks.
    • The BVNA is launching a Leadership Pathway in 2024 which will support VNs wanting to lead specific areas in practice, whether that is in clinical practice or management.
    • Supporting clinical supervisors. The RCVS have developed a standardisation course which is receiving very positive feedback. The BVNA are setting up a clinical coach network where CCs can get together and share best practices at two meetings a year and access resources to support them in this role.
  3. Confident, resilient, healthy and well-supported workforce
    • The RCVS Mind Matters Initiative are continuing to produce in-person and online sessions on topics such as self-compassion and anxiety, a civility hub and running a ‘safe to speak out’ campaign.
    • The RCVS have developed a Newly Registered VN online course which helps to support those VNs transitioning from SVN to RVN.
  4. Proactive role in One Health
    • The BVNA are part of several working groups who are focusing on the effect of the environment, animals and human health have on each other. We continue to raise the VN voice.
  5. Maximising nurses potential
    • The BVNA’s President theme is ‘Progression’ which supports the development of individuals
    • The BVNA will be sharing the benefits of flexible working for both the practice and the individual.
  6. A clarified and bolstered VN role via a reformed Schedule 3
    • The BVNA are leading the Protect the Title campaign to ensure that all who call themselves veterinary nurse, are trained and qualified. We will continue to lobby government and stakeholders to ensure that veterinary nurses have a voice in the reformation.

You can download the VN-Futures-Report (3) which highlights the outcome of the first five years VN Futures.