As part of our fourth campaign for the VN Futures DIWP Working Group, we have put together a free-to-access menopause toolkit for veterinary nurses. This toolkit provides signposting for support, plus useful resources for those affected by menopause, or working alongside veterinary nurses experiencing menopause.

Alex Taylor, past BVNA President, comments:

“One of this year’s campaigns from the VN Futures Diversity, Inclusivity, and Widening Participation Working Group is focused on creating awareness about working as a veterinary nurse affected by perimenopause and menopause. We have created this menopause toolkit, which contains resources such as blogs, discussion panel recordings, podcasts, menopause policies, and signposting to useful websites where veterinary nurses can access information and support. We strongly believe that all employers should have a menopause policy and put measures in place to ensure veterinary nurses affected by menopause can carry out the job role without feeling embarrassed or worried that menopausal symptoms will interfere with their everyday work life and career progression. By working together, both employers and employees can make reasonable adjustments in the workplace to provide a menopause-friendly environment that is inclusive for all.”



Menopause Policies

Below are some example menopause policies which provide ideas of menopause-friendly measures which can be implemented in the workplace. Practices/workplaces wishing to create their own menopause policy can use these as guidance.

British Association of Dental Nurses Menopause Policy

RCVS Menopause Policy





Support and information on perimenopause and menopause: 

Menopause in the workplace:

Support and guidance for menopause or hormonal changes in men and those from trans, intersex, and non-binary communities:

Veterinary Woman Resources

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