It is a good idea to shadow a veterinary nurse to see what they do on a day to day basis. This can be very challenging as there is a high demand for work experience.

Here are some hints and tips of how gain work experience:

  • Get as much animal handling experience as possible in animal-based businesses. Give detail of your experience in your CV including what you learned and enjoyed.
  • Provide a well written CV to a practice, however it is best to go in person, ask the name of the Head VN to ensure they receive it.
  • Explore the internet for free courses. Many animal charities and Vet Schools put short distance learning courses online. Remember to check these are accredited by a well-known educational organisation or the RCVS; never pay for any online course that is not accredited.
  • Go into practices with your CV so they can put a face to a name. Remember that they get lots of applications for experience, be creative and make you application stand out.
  • Contact them regularly (but not too often) to ask if you can help out. Volunteer to clean in the evenings or at weekends; get your foot in the door. Once they know you are reliable and proactive, they may offer you some nursing experience.