BVNA Council is made up of a team of registered and student veterinary nurses from around the UK, who work tirelessly for BVNA on a voluntary basis.

All Council members share a common desire to represent the veterinary nursing profession, and with complete belief in what veterinary nursing can achieve.

In this blog, we meet Kate Davies, a Student (SVN) Council member based in South Wales. Kate shares why she chose to put herself forwards for BVNA Council, and what she’s looking forward to for the future of veterinary nursing.

“I’m Kate and I am currently in my final year of VN training. I am a student member of the BVNA Council and a student veterinary nurse. I began my eight-year career in the veterinary field as a VCA, and remained one for six years until deciding to enrol in a veterinary nursing programme.”

Why did you choose to put yourself forward to become a BVNA Council member?

“I chose to put myself forward to become a BVNA Council member because I am passionate about the veterinary industry and want to make a difference. I have also had a huge appreciation for the BVNA and what they do for, not just RVNs, but also SVNs and VCAs.”

What do you enjoy about being a BVNA Council member?
“Being a BVNA Council member requires a lot more effort than others may realise! It’s interesting to be part of all the discussions that are involved. I really like watching how things operate behind the scenes.”

What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned in your veterinary nursing career?
“It’s crucial to take care of yourself. I believe it’s easy to neglect your health and welfare in our area of work. I’ve discovered that acknowledging when you’re exhausted or in need of assistance is not a sign of weakness and it also encourages others to come forward.”

How do you spend your time outside of work?
“When I’m not studying, I like to take my dogs on long walks and explore the sights and sounds of South Wales. We’ll stroll everywhere, whether it to castles, beaches, or mountains! I enjoy reading as well; it’s a great way for me to decompress after a demanding work day.”

What excites you about the future of veterinary nursing?
“I’m thrilled to see veterinary nurses receiving the respect they deserve thanks to campaigns like Protect the Title and Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month. Despite their hard work and unfortunate lack of recognition, RVNs are frequently dismissed as “just” veterinary nurses. Hopefully, this will change over time as public awareness of RVN duties grows.”