BVNA Council is made up of a team of registered and student veterinary nurses from around the UK, who work tirelessly for BVNA on a voluntary basis.

All Council members share a common desire to represent the veterinary nursing profession, and with complete belief in what veterinary nursing can achieve.

In this blog, we meet Steph Worsley, a full (RVN) Council member based in North Wales. Steph shares her career journey as a veterinary nurse so far, along with an insight into the working groups on which she currently represents BVNA.

“Hi, I’m Steph Worsley – I’m a head nurse at a practice in North Wales and I’m a 2nd year BVNA Council member. I have had a pretty extensive career in the almost 25 years I have been in practice, working around the North West, including 10 years as medicine nurse at The University of Liverpool. While I was working at the University, I was also BVNA Regional Co-ordinator for the area.”

Why did you choose to put yourself forward to become a BVNA Council member?

“Having been a Regional Co-ordinator (now BVNA Advocate) previously, I knew the hard work the BVNA put into advocating for the profession. After I spoke to several people within BVNA, I opted to put myself forward for council and I was lucky enough to be voted on.”

Tell us about the working groups you currently represent BVNA on.

“Part of my role on Council is representing the BVNA in various working groups alongside other professionals. The groups I am on currently are the Vet Sustain Greener Veterinary Working Group, where we discuss how the profession can become more sustainable. I am also BVNA representative in the Pet Advertising Advisory Group (PAAG), which works alongside websites such as Gumtree and Preloved on how to promote animal welfare and best monitor sales adverts.”

What do you enjoy about being a BVNA Council member?

“I really enjoy working with other like-minded RVNs and SVNs representing the profession.”

What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned in your veterinary nursing career?

“The biggest lesson I have learnt in my career is how to be a true advocate for our patients.”

How do you spend your time outside of work?

“Outside of work, I enjoy relaxing with my cats, cross stitch and swimming.”

What excites you about the future of veterinary nursing?

“Having been in the profession for almost 25 years, I have seen many changes. However, I am so passionate about seeing the title protected – which BVNA are working towards – and the opportunities that may bring with it.”