BVNA Council is made up of a team of registered and student veterinary nurses from around the UK, who work tirelessly for BVNA on a voluntary basis.

All Council members share a common desire to represent the veterinary nursing profession, and with complete belief in what veterinary nursing can achieve.

In this blog, we meet Sarah Holliday, a full (RVN) Council member based in Surrey. Sarah currently sits on BVNA’s Officer team as Honorary Treasurer. Here, she discusses some of the working groups she is currently involved in as part of her role for BVNA, and why she is passionate about representing the VN profession.

“My name is Sarah and I am a registered veterinary nurse. I qualified in 2008 and worked into general practice until 2016, where I made the leap into referral nursing. I am the senior oncology nurse at Aura Veterinary in Surrey.”

Why did you choose to put yourself forward to become a BVNA Council member?

“I originally decided to apply for BVNA Council because I wanted to make a difference within the nursing profession. I found the application process nerve-wracking, but was over the moon when I got the call to say I was accepted as a member of the Council.”

Tell us about the working groups you currently represent BVNA on.

“During my first year on Council, I have been part of a number of working groups headed up by other Council members. The Mental Health Toolkit group is developing a resource for BVNA members to provide support surrounding wellbeing and mental health. The Welfare for Pets in Schools group is providing schools with the necessary tools to ensure they maintain good welfare standards. I am part of the Membership committee, where we discuss ideas and progression of the membership benefits for our members. I also mentor the SVN Council members and support them during their time on Council.”

What do you enjoy about being a BVNA Council member?

“In October 2023, I joined the Officer team and became Honorary Treasurer. I thoroughly enjoy this role as I work closely with the rest of the Officer team, and feel that I can get even more stuck into all the projects the BVNA is working on, such as the Protect the Title campaign. During my time on Council so far, I have learnt so much about how much the BVNA do for the profession and all the projects that they have been a part of, both past and present. I look forward to continuing to push the profession forwards and I feel proud to be part of such an incredible association and sit alongside so many inspiring and passionate SVN/RVNs.”

How do you spend your time outside of work?

“In my spare time I enjoy wildlife photography and submerging myself in nature. When I have time, I also volunteer at a wildlife hospital in Surrey.”

What excites you about the future of veterinary nursing?

“I am excited to help progress the BVNA to ensure that our members get the most out of their membership. I would love to see the Protect the Title campaign progress, and one day be implemented.”