Highly acclaimed television production company, Wonderhood Studios, are creating a new documentary series for a major broadcaster about caring for pregnant animals.

They are looking to feature passionate and expressive veterinary nurses who have a particular interest in small animal pregnancies.

Wonderhood Studios was founded by the former CEO of Channel 4 and is staffed by an award-winning team of producers who have worked on some of the most popular documentary series on TV, such as Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby, 24 Hours in A&E and Junior Doctors.

The idea behind their new series is to create a centre where owners can bring pregnant pets and neonatals for advice, scans, tests and treatments. As well as meeting pets and owners at the centre, they will also follow them at home to understand just what it takes to care for a pregnant animal.

Wonderhood Studios hope that the show will shed light on the hard work and complexities involved in breeding and how to spot an irresponsible breeder, as well as the science behind how different pet species reproduce. Many people are considering breeding or buying puppies and kittens at the moment as we spend more time at home, with many people underestimating the huge responsibility and commitment involved.

If you would like more information about this opportunity, please email Sarah Muhsen who will be happy to share more details – sarah.muhsen@wonderhoodstudios.com.