Pets are pretty awesome. They’re cute, love-able creatures that improve our lives and lift our spirits when we feel down.

It is with this thought in mind that VN Times chose the theme for this year’s VN Times calendar competition: Makes Me Smile!

Maybe you have a puppy pal that makes you laugh every day, or a cat that loves curling up with you on the sofa. Perhaps you’ve helped deliver a healthy litter of adorable kittens, or maybe you have happy memories of past holidays where you caught a camel pulling a funny face at you…

Whatever the case, if any of the aforementioned examples resulted in a photo that makes you smile every time you look at it, VN Times want to see it too!

Their “Makes Me Smile” calendar will showcase the top 12 photos, and the one receiving the most votes will appear on the front cover. The winning entrant will collect a £500 Amazon gift card, while 11 runners-up will each receive a £50 Amazon gift card.

For details of entry, including full terms and conditions, visit