Having a little bit of knowledge of conversational Welsh can help you to integrate with clients and communities. It can also open up a lot of new social experiences and provide an alternative perspective to see the world. The whole process of learning Welsh can be difficult though, with busy schedules and lack of space to practice. Also, the structured Welsh courses do not necessarily cover the terms most useful in our profession.

Wales Veterinary Science Centre would like to offer individuals the chance to learn (or practice, depending on level) speaking in, and listening to, Welsh in a safe environment, FOR FREE. Hopefully starting before the end of the summer.

The agenda will be developed according to the needs of the groups, but in general, they plan to have two groups who will meet online every week through Zoom®, for no longer than an hour, in a friendly social environment, with a chance to network with colleagues.

Group 1 – Beginners – The emphasis will be on pronunciation and comprehension, basic conversation (hello, how are you etc), place names, animal names and other veterinary/farming terminology and then in to other areas of interest.

Group 2 – Aimed at those who have some Welsh but need confidence to use and therefore develop it more – The emphasis will be on conversational Welsh and developing into clinical discussion as decided by the group.

Depending on the level of interest, they may use breakout rooms so that the groups are smaller to allow for more confidence and chance to speak and also regional (so that the issue of regional differences can be addressed more easily).

Wales Veterinary Science Centre are interested to hear from individuals who are keen to join, but also from those who would be keen to help facilitate and teach.

If you are interested in joining as a participant, or as a Welsh speaking facilitator, then please email enquiries@wvsc.wales and mark your email “Welsh4Vets” in the subject line.