• Alex Taylor RVN – BVNA Senior Vice President (Chair)
  • Steph Worsley RVN – BVNA Council Member
  • Lyndsay Hughes RVN – BVNA Junior Vice President
  • Nikki Ruedisueli RVN – BVNA Editor-in-Chief of the VNJ
  • Jill Macdonald RVN – VN Futures Project Manager
  • Anna Judson MRCVS – BVA Junior Vice President

As part of our fourth campaign for the VN Futures DIWP Working Group, we will be putting together a free-to-access menopause toolkit for veterinary nurses. This toolkit will provide signposting for support, plus useful resources for those affected by menopause, or working alongside veterinary nurses experiencing menopause.

During this discussion panel, members of the veterinary community share their own stories about menopause, any challenges they have faced, as well as useful management strategies for living with menopausal symptoms.