During the month of May, we want pet owners and the veterinary community to know more about #whatVNsdo.

This year, our annual Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month or VNAM campaign is all online and virtual due to COVID-19. But this should not stop us from raising our voices and being heard in the virtual world of online and digital.

In fact, what better time to plan how you are going to be involved in VNAM this year.

Practice recording videos

How confident are you at recording yourself using a webcam or your mobile phone? As you will see from the competition details, we’re hoping that you take part in the campaign using video as much as possible.

There are two types of video we’re asking you to record. The first video is simply about you. Why you decided to become a vet nurse and what you love most about being a vet nurse. It should be no longer than a minute and then we encourage you to post it on the VNAM Facebook page, along with the hashtags #whatVNsdo #VNAM2020 #vetnurses.

Win prizes

The second video could win you a prize! We are asking you to record a short educational video clip, on topics such as dental health, cleaning ears, grooming, obesity or exercise, that helps pet owners care for their pets. The video should be be less than 5 minutes.

Design a poster or infographic

As well as video, we’re also asking you to design a digital poster or infographic showing ‘The role of the Veterinary Nurse’ using the hashtags #whatVNsdo, which could also win you a prize!