A free webinar entitled ‘Food For Life; age-appropriate feeding for guinea pigs’ will take place on Tuesday 26th September at 4pm BST. Sponsored by Supreme Petfoods, the presentation brings together two eminent small pet experts: Molly Varga, an RCVS recognised Specialist in Zoo and Wildlife Medicine and Veterinary Advisor to Supreme Petfoods and Craig Tessyman, who works alongside Molly as Exotics Veterinary Nurse Team Leader at Rutland House Veterinary Referrals. Designed to cater to a diverse audience, the webinar is suitable for both vets and veterinary nurses, and also specialist pet retailers looking to elevate their small pet knowledge. All those interested can sign up by emailing; experts@supremepetfoods.com

Caring for guinea pigs and other small rodents involves a unique set of challenges. With highly specialised digestive systems dependent on a fibre-rich diet, optimum nutrition is key. High fibre ‘no added sugar’ diets and the ad lib feeding of hay have been instrumental in improving guinea pig health and wellbeing. With a strong practical emphasis, the webinar will cover the latest insights into guinea pig nutrition, with a particular focus on how these requirements may change from birth through to adulthood.

Claire Hamblion, Marketing Director at Supreme Petfoods, says that the company is delighted to support the talk. “Lifestage diets have been a firm fixture in canine and feline nutrition for many years, but nutrition tailored to age is a more recent development in small pets. With decades of experience, we are delighted that Molly will be teaming up with Craig to share her extensive knowledge on the subject. The pet guinea pig population doubled during the pandemic, and the last 2 years have seen a further 25 percent increase. The importance of appropriate nutrition has never been greater.”

Molly has worked in small animal and exotic medicine in both the UK and Canada and lectures widely on Exotic Pet Medicine and Surgery. She has a wealth of experience working with a wide variety of exotic animals and holds both a Certificate and a Diploma in Zoological Medicine. Molly currently heads the Exotics Service at Rutland House Referral Centre and has contributed to several BSAVA manuals on guinea pigs and other exotic species, as well as revising and updating the Textbook of Rabbit Medicine.

While the primary target audience for the webinar comprises veterinary professionals and specialist pet retailers, the presentation is also suitable for enthusiast owners. Today’s small pet parents are often very well informed and are keen to seek out the very latest up to date information. With the veterinary profession facing workforce shortages and full diaries, having adequate time to address the complexities of guinea pig nutrition with owners can be challenging, and busy practice staff are invited to encourage enthusiast owners to sign up by email.

To secure a place, all those interested can register by emailing; experts@supremepetfoods.com