ABSTRACT: Every year, Jivdaya Charitable Trust in Ahmedabad India runs a clinic to treat, rehabilitate and, if possible, release birds that are injured during the Hindi Kite Festival, Makar Sankranti/Uttarayan. I travelled to assist with the treatment and anaesthesia of the many birds and mammals that get caught and injured by the Manja or nylon kite strings, while either being flown or getting caught in kite strings left in trees and power lines around the city. The team consisted of two veterinary nurses, one vet student and three veterinary surgeons from across the world. We treated hundreds of birds and mammals including black kites, storks, ibis and bats.


Joanna Korn RVN

Joanna is an exotic and wildlife nurse working at ZSL London Zoo. Her RVN training was completed within a mixed small and large practice with exotics, gaining her qualification in 2003. Joanna has travelled and worked as a locum throughout Australia and the UK. She has seen practice for few weeks work experience at Tauranga Zoo and Adelaide Zoo, respectively. She is now a veterinary nurse at Zoological Society of London and has been for 14 years. Email: Joanna.korn@zsl.org

Keywords: Travel; charity; avian; patagium; India; anaesthesia

To cite this article: Veterinary Nursing Journal • VOL 34 (01) • January 2019 pp19-22

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