by Danielle Barnett RVN FdSc, CertVNECC ISFMCertFN DipVNZS

Danielle graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in 2013 and has worked with a wide variety of species from the onset of her veterinary nursing career. She has developed a passion for feline nursing and advocates for them wherever possible engaging in development projects within her current role.

Abstract: Feline inappropriate urination can occur for a variety of reasons; once a medical cause has been ruled out it can be as simple as the cat being fussy about the litter type. There are so many options available to buy currently that it can be a real challenge to find the right fit for each feline family. A summary table has been collated to provide a quick guide for the most common types. Although this list is not exhaustive it may be used to help clients to make an informed choice based on their cats preferences as well as the households’.
Keywords: Cat litter, feline, inappropriate urination, substrate, aversion

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