Author: Georgia Bell RVN.

Georgia qualified as an RVN in September 2021 and has a keen interest in exotics, specifically
reptile husbandry and enrichment, as well as canine behaviour. She spends much of her spare
time with her rescue Staffordshire bull terriers, exploring new walks and beaches. Georgia also
enjoys hillwalking (she’s trying to tick off the Scottish Munros) and crafts such as resin art.

Abstract: This article discusses the problems and pitfalls of incorrect vitamin supplementation in
captive reptiles. Reptiles are often brought into veterinary practices following possible toxicity or deficiency diagnoses, and clients may consult the veterinary nurse about rectifying malnutrition.
The aim of this article is to assist veterinary professionals with clients’ queries and concerns
relating to reptile husbandry, with a particular focus on vitamins.

Keywords: hypervitaminosis, hypovitaminosis, vitamins, supplementation, reptiles

To cite this article: Supplementation issues in reptiles. Bell, G. (2022). VNJ, 2022. 37 (6) pp 34-38


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