ABSTRACT: It is recognised that some dogs can suffer from stress when visiting veterinary practices. Manifestations start subtly, having the potential to progress if ignored, and whilst this can cause stress not just to the animal but also to the owner and the veterinary team, other deleterious effects, including delayed recovery, may arise. Therefore, despite working in busy practices where it may be challenging to find the time to observe the dog, and think how he/she might be feeling and what we could do to help, it is important to prevent, alleviate or stop distress as early as possible.


Daniela Andrade RVN

Daniela Andrade qualified as a veterinary nurse in 2015 from Escola Superior Agraria de Viseu (Portugal). In 2017 moved to the UK, worked at first in small practices and works now at Davies Veterinary Specialists. Daniela loves all aspects of being a nurse but has special interest in internal medicine.

Email: daniela_fja@hotmail.com

Davies Veterinary Specialists, Hitchin UK

Keywords: distress; signs; hospitalisation dogs; measures

To cite this article: Veterinary Nursing Journal • VOL 36 (07)• July 2021 pp221-225

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