ABSTRACT: Palliative care is a relatively recent topic in veterinary medicine. A further development is animal hospice care, which is starting to come to prominence in the UK. Like their counterparts in human medicine, veterinary nurses are exceptionally well-placed to spearhead and deliver palliative and hospice services. Such work fits with the developing status of the profession, not unlike community nursing or Macmillan cancer nursing in human medicine. This paper introduces the principles of animal hospice care, discusses some current concerns, and outlines the potential roles and contribution of the profession.


Caroline Hewson MVB PhD MRCVS

From 2000 to 2006, Caroline Hewson was Research Chair in Animal Welfare at the Atlantic Veterinary College, Canada. Returning to practice in the UK, she created The Loss of Your Pet client-care packs. As The Pet Loss Vet, she now delivers training and practical resources to help practices bridge the gap with bereaved clients and minimise the risk of vet-client disputes about patients’ end- of-life.

Email: ch@carolinehewson.com

Keywords: Clinical, Hospice

To cite this article: Veterinary Nursing Journal • VOL 30 (10) • October 2015 pp287-289

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