ABSTRACT: Many species of tortoises do not hibernate but brumate. They may be too sick to undergo the process or awaken with illnesses. As nurses we need to care for these critical patients with species specific needs. This article aims to give a basic overview on the brumation process and how to nurse tortoises with post brumation complications.


Kelly Deane FdSc RVC c&GCertVNES

I have always had an interest in exotics and after my internship at ZSL London zoo I went on to work at the Beaumont Sainsbury animal hospital where I work with the exotics team full time.

Email: Kadeane1@gmail.com

Keywords: Hibernation; brumation; tortoises; critical care

To cite this article: Veterinary Nursing Journal • VOL 33 (07) • July 2018 pp197-200

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