Author Amber Foote FdSc RVN

ABSTRACT This article provides a basic outline of how to triage and provide first aid for wild hedgehogs presenting in veterinary practice. Most hedgehogs that present in practice have experienced some form of injury and require immediate veterinary attention. Veterinary professionals have a duty of care for these patients. A clear triage process and appropriate first aid is key to an ethical and successful outcome.
Keywords Triage, hedgehog, handling, wildlife protocol

Author: Amber Foote qualified in 2017 and is currently practising as a veterinary nurse lecturer at the
College of Animal Welfare, while furthering her qualifications to a BSc (Hons) in Veterinary Nursing. She enjoys all aspects of practice but is particularly interested in wildlife, exotic species and medical nursing. Amber is interested in education and standardising patient care across all species.

To cite this article VNJ Volume 37 (2) May 2022 pp 29-35

DOI: 10.56496/IMBE3665

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