ABSTRACT: This article will cover the basic nutritional requirements to support a bitch and queen throughout pregnancy and lactation. The main issues for the Registered Veterinary Nurse (RVN) regarding nutrition is some clients’ lack of understanding of a balanced diet and how an unbalanced diet can affect the development of the fetuses and increase risks to the dam. The RVN is an essential contributor to the education of owners and breeders on the best nutrition for their pets.


Charlie Puttock RVN CertCFVHNut

My name is Charlie Puttock. I qualified in 2014. I am currently head nurse at Trefaldwyn vets, a very busy mixed practice on the powys/shropshire boarded gained a certificate in nutrition in 2018 acquiring the post nominals CertVHCFNut.

Email: charlieputtock@gmail.com

Keywords: pregnancy; lactation; gestation; nutrition

To cite this article: Veterinary Nursing Journal • VOL 35 (09-12) • September-December 2020 •


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