ABSTRACT: Over the last 15 years, an increasing amount of study has been undertaken stating the importance of nutrition for chronically ill patients, resulting in it being widely documented. These studies have shown that the provision of a prescribed and balanced diet suiting the specific need of patients is vital in improving their longevity. The problem, however, seems to be how and when to offer these diets to prevent food aversion. Many sick animals are offered these diets in hospital, often resulting in a refusal to eat the diet at home and thereby decreasing longevity.


Shoned Hawksworth DipAVN (small animal) RVN Cert IV (QVN) Cert VNES (exotics)

Shoned qualified in 2006 and is the senior nurse of a small animal and exotic hospital in Hong Kong. She wrote this article as part of her integrated project for the Diploma in Advanced Veterinary Nursing.

Keywords: Food aversion, Clinical, Balanced diet

To cite this article: Veterinary Nursing Journal • VOL 31 (12) • December 2016 pp364-367

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