ABSTRACT: I recently undertook a voluntary neutering project in Ecuador, South America. This was a life changing experience which changed my outlook on life, and has improved my nursing skills. I trekked through the jungle, canoed through mangroves, made friends and explored a beautiful country. I implore every nurse to do a similar project as a matter of necessity.


Simon Johnson RVN ISFM CertFN CA-SQP

He has worked at Preston Capitol Vets4Pets since its opening in 2013 as a receptionist and is now currently Head Veterinary Nurse. He is passionate about dentistry in practice and runs weekly scale and polish days.

Email: simon.johnson@vets4pets.com

Keywords: Volunteer; Ecuador; South America; Project; Experience

To cite this article: Veterinary Nursing Journal • VOL 34 (12) • December 2019 pp310-312

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