ABSTRACT: Neonatal maladjustment syndrome (NMS) is a syndrome where newborn foals exhibit behaviours not normal after birth, which can occur in up to 5% of equine births. These behaviors can include aimless wandering, hypersensitivity to stimulus, weakness, lack of coordination, and the inability to nurse. The treatment method developed by Dr Madigan involves the use of looped ropes placed around the foal to mimic birth canal pressures. This helps cease the production of sedative neurosteroids that will allow the foal to return to normal neonatal behaviours.


Bonny Millar CVT(USA), RVN, REVN

Bonny originates from the USA, where she gained an honours degree in Veterinary Technology at Harcum College/ University of Pennsylvania, before becoming an equine medicine charge nurse at the University’s New Bolton Centre. In 1991 she married and moved to Newmarket to join Rossdales Veterinary Surgeons where she worked for 26 years. During 12 years as Rossdale’s head nurse she helped develop the first UK qualification for equine veterinary nurses and gained her own UK qualifications in small animal and equine nursing. She now mentors equine nurses as an independent consultant, while continuing to develop her own interests in critical care nursing, wound management and neonatology. She is a past President of the BVNA, equine nursing editor of the VNJ, a lecturer and volunteered on the veterinary team for the London 2012 Olympics/ Paralympics equine events.

Email: Bonny@millarconsulting.com

Keywords: equine nursing; neonates; neonatal maladjustment syndrome; foals

To cite this article: Veterinary Nursing Journal • VOL 34 (12) • December 2019 pp307-309

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