ABSTRACT: After working in an equine hospital for several years, with veterinary students helping out during their extra-mural placements, I decided to study towards a post graduate certificate in veterinary education. A couple of years after gaining the qualification I was ready to use my teaching skills in a more structured setting, but could not imagine life without nursing horses. For me, a teaching hospital seemed to be the perfect answer; I could get to nurse horses every day and pass my knowledge and practical skills on to veterinary students.


Victoria Gregory BSc (Hons), revn, Pg Cert in Veterinary Education

Victoria Gregory works at the Weipers Centre Equine Hospital, Glasgow, as a member of the equine hospital nursing team. Within this role Victoria provides nursing care for the inpatients, assists with medical and surgical procedures and helps with the veterinary student’s training. She qualified in 2007 after completing her training at Writtle College and Hartpury College, whilst working at Rossdales Equine Hospital, Newmarket. In 2010 she took a sabbatical from Rossdales Equine Hospital, and travelled to Australia to work as a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse at Scone Equine Hospital for their foaling season. Victoria worked at the Royal Veterinary College for 18 months, as an equine nurse in their teaching hospital, before relocating to Scotland. Her main interests are in intensive care nursing of both adults and neonates.

Email: victoria.gregory@glasgow.ac.uk


To cite this article: VOL 35 (01)• January 2020 • Veterinary Nursing Journal pp19-20

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