Author: Ben Witcomb DipVN, RVN.

Ben joined Woodward Veterinary Practice in 2017, after travelling in Australia and Asia. He started on reception before transferring to the nursing team a year later to start his training. He qualified as an RVN in 2022 and is now a lead consult nurse and a sustainability lead at the practice. Ben has a particular interest in anaesthesia and nurse consultations. He has a cockapoo called Barney who loves stealing socks and pulling plants out of the garden.

ABSTRACT Sustainability is a hot topic in the media, with all of us being encouraged to consider how we can reduce our impact on the planet and help slow climate change. With interventions needed on such a huge scale, the issue can seem overwhelming, but there a number of relatively simple and effective ways we can make a difference in our personal and professional lives. In this article, the author, who is a sustainability lead at a UK veterinary practice, shares his insights from the first year of the practice’s sustainability journey.
Keywords sustainability, eco-friendly, environment, veterinary, practice

DOI: 10.56496/MKBW5051

To cite this article: Witcomb, B. (2023) Sustainability in the veterinary practice. VNJ 38(3) pp18-23

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