Author: Kristi Cherry, BSc (Hons) Veterinary Nursing, NCert AnaesthNsg (DL)

Kristi graduated from Edinburgh Napier University in 2020 with a first-class honours degree in veterinary nursing, and currently works at Broadley’s Veterinary Hospital. She has a keen interest in anaesthesia nursing and achieved a certificate in anaesthesia in March 2023. Kristi is passionate about referral nursing and has witnessed the importance of blood donation in the treatment of cases she has been involved with. Her family’s dog Holly regularly donates to Pet Blood Bank UK, which inspired Kristi to carry out this study.

ABSTRACT The charity Pet Blood Bank UK (PBBUK) has more than 11,000 registered canine blood donors, but advances in life-saving veterinary medicine have increased demand for blood products, leading to supply shortages. This study investigated dog owners’ awareness and perception of canine blood donation using a questionnaire, and then explored whether raising owners’ awareness and knowledge of canine blood donation influenced their decision to volunteer their pet to donate blood. The findings show that dog owners generally lack awareness and knowledge of the canine blood donation process, and that the provision of appropriate education is fundamental to increasing the number of canine donors. Veterinary professionals may be able to increase the current donor pool through effective advertising and
promotion in practices and by allaying the concerns of owners, such as those highlighted in this study.
Keywords blood, donation, transfusion, donor, pet blood bank, PBBUK


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