Author: Emily Clark, BSc (Hons), RVN. Fitzpatrick Referrals Orthopaedics and Neurology
Emily graduated from Harper Adams University with a bachelor’s degree in veterinary nursing
in 2021. She worked as an RVN in a small animal hospital for a year and is now working at
Fitzpatrick Referrals, where she hopes to develop her skills in anaesthesia and inpatient care,
specifically with orthopaedic and neurology patients. Emily is interested in referral nursing and
is enjoying discovering new interests and potential future nursing specialisms.


Epilepsy is the most common chronic neurological disease in dogs. It can be classed as reactive, acquired or idiopathic. The objectives of this research were, first, to investigate awareness of canine epilepsy and
recognition of pre-ictal symptoms among pet owners; second, to investigate whether clients feel supported by veterinary professionals and understand information on the topic of epilepsy; and third, to explore whether veterinary professionals feel they support clients well, and analyse how they communicate with them. The study also investigated the potential for providing epilepsy nurse clinics to
clients with epileptic dogs.

Keywords: canine, epilepsy, epileptic, awareness, information, management, clinics

To cite this article: Awareness and management of canine epilepsy. (2022). Clark, E. VNJ, . Volume 37 (6) pp 28-33


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