Author: Ben Witcomb DipVN, RVN

Ben joined Woodward Veterinary Practice in 2017, after travelling in Australia and Asia. He started on reception before transferring to the nursing team a year later to start his training. He qualified as an RVN in 2022 and is now a lead consult nurse and a sustainability lead at the practice. Ben is particularly interested in anaesthesia and nurse consultations. He has a cockapoo called Barney who loves stealing socks and pulling plants out of the garden.

ABSTRACT The cardiovascular system is a complex and vital system that keeps an animal alive. It is made up of different organs working in synchrony to enable the body to function correctly. This article outlines the cardiovascular system – including the blood, capillaries, veins, arteries and heart – and the conditions affecting the system.
Keywords cardiovascular system, heart, blood

DOI: 10.56496/MESF9329

To cite this article: Witcomb, B. (2023) Understanding the cardiovascular system. VNJ 38(4) pp50-56

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