ABSTRACT: Canine Osteoarthritis (OA) is one of the most commonly encountered musculoskeletal disorders and one that Vets (VS) and Registered Veterinary Nurses (RVN] are likely to see in day to day general practice. Involvement of a RVN can help bond the client to the practice, aid in increased compliance with an evidence based multi modal management plan, help educate on evidence based medicine and support and guide the client through the treatment. Ultimately this can lead to better quality of life for our patients and avoid clients falling foul of bogus techniques or products.


Robyn J. Lowe RVN

Robyn is a Registered Veterinary Nurse who qualified with a degree from Myerscough School ofVeterinary Nursing in 2016 and gained her higher education diploma in clinical veterinary nursing in 2021 in surgery, medicine and anaesthesia. She is completing her RCVS accredited Diploma in Advanced Veterinary Nursing currently Robyn has worked on a volunteer basis with animals since she was four and her passion for this profession has only grown since then. She spent years of her life at the Horse and Pony Protection Association (HAPPA) and later at a local rescue and rehabilitation yard. Here she met a veterinary surgeon who inspired her; and Robyn went for her first work experience in 2008 at the busy mixed practice where they worked. She has also traveled to Thailand to use her knowledge and skills working with elephants, horses, goats, pigs, water buffalo, cats, and dogs. She has volunteered with Street Paws, who help provide veterinary care for homeless people’s beloved dogs too. She currently has a role within Canine Arthritis Management and has a passion and keen interest in the condition.

Email: robynblythe@btinternet.com

Keywords: : Canine Arthritis; Osteoarthritis; RVN and Arthritis

To cite this article: Veterinary Nursing Journal • VOL 36 (08)• August 2021 pp251-256

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