ABSTRACT: As veterinary nurses we always strive to achieve a gold standard level of patient care alongside maintaining an evidence-based approach to nursing. This article aims to show veterinary nurses that some regional anaesthesia, such as a femoral and sciatic nerve block with bupivacaine, under veterinary direction is an achievable addition to an anaesthetic plan with many benefits to the patient.


Chloe Pilgrim RVN (BSc Hons)

Chloe qualified as an RVN in 2019 with a BSc (hons). She is currently working as a Ninja Nurse at Langford Vets Small Animal Referral Hospital, and enjoys volunteering for the Cinnamon Trust and StreetVet in her spare time.

E-mail: cp15491@bristol.ac.uk

Keywords: regional; anaesthesia; nerve; block; pain; analgesia

To cite this article: Veterinary Nursing Journal • VOL 35 (09-12) • September-December 2020 •


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