ABSTRACT: Part 2 of this series of articles is to help student nurses understand the biochemical tests they perform on a daily basis. It aims to match each test with the organ with which it most commonly associated, as well as common ailments diagnosed with each analyte.

In the first part of this series, the author introduced the analysers that are commonly found in the practice laboratory. This article will cover the common tests performed on a daily basis in most practice laboratories.


Matthew Garland RSciTech SAC DIP CertNatSci VN MBVNA 

After qualifying as a VN in 2004, Matthew worked in small animal practice before moving to Torrance Diamond Diagnostic services in 2006. Now, as laboratory manager of TDDS-Ringwood, he has developed a strong interest in haematology and biochemistry.

Keywords: Clinical, Biochemistry

To cite this article: Veterinary Nursing Journal • VOL 28 (03) • March 2013 • pp104-106

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