ABSTRACT: Following on from the article Badgers and TB – understanding the argument’ in June 2013 IVNJ 28: 187-189) This is an update on the progress, or lack thereof, in the fight against bovine tuberculosis.

Public awareness has been focused on the badger cull, its progress and the attempt by various groups to stop it going ahead, but the discussion about the general problem has continued behind the scenes. The two sides are still strongly polarised, witness these recent quotes from two eminent scientists!


R S Broadbent BVetMed MRCVS

Bob spent two years working with Dromedanes in North Yemen which inspired an interest in camelids. He returned to a mixed practice in the Cotswolds with a herd of 100 llamas to look after, which highlighted just how fragmented and patchy the information was about the species in the UK.

A founder member of the British Veterinary Camelid Society in 1991, Bob was president of this group of 200 vets for more than 10 years. An unfortunate combination of endemic TB in the South West combined with large numbers of a very susceptible species has further pushed his interests to include TB in llamas and alpacas.

Keywords: Clinical, Tb, Badgers

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