ABSTRACT: Pain assessment and management in animals is still a new and growing field of research. Although it is still early days for pain research in birds, this article aims to provide information on the pain behaviours known so far, and describes current analgesic drugs and doses.


Aneesa Malik MSc RVN Cert VNES Cert VNECC

Aneesa has worked in first-opinion practice, emergency, referral and for the RSPCA. She went on to pursue an interest in animal welfare science, particularly pain assessment and management. Her focus is the factors that affect very different pain management regimes in our veterinary patients.

Email: aneesa.vn@gmail.com

Adina Valentine RVN C&GCertVNES, VNCertECC, Clinical Coach

Adina started working in private practice in 2004 dealing with exotic species; once qualified as an RVN she started travelling abroad, working for animal welfare charities across the UK and Asia.

Adina is a committee member for the Association of Zoo and Exotic Veterinary Nurses (AZEVN), a clinical coach to student veterinary nurses and is currently studying towards a Diploma in Animal Ethics and Welfare. Adina works for the Blue Cross Animal Hospital in North East Lincolnshire.

Email: adina.rvn@googlemail.com

Keywords: pain; birds; pain assessment; analgesia

To cite this article: Veterinary Nursing Journal • VOL 33 (01) • January 2018 pp11-25

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